Christmas Market Stall: Sunday 6th December

Taking place every Sunday from 6th December, Blue Flames will host an indoor table top/car boot sale/festive market sale in its Sports Hall at Whitley Park from 10am to 12pm.

Sellers must book in advance* at a cost of £10 per table top pitch or £15 for 2 tables, which must be paid ahead of arrival. Sellers can use their own table or hire tables for £5 each. All fees are non-refundable.

The sale is open to the public from 10am, and adult visitors are charged £1 entry while all children go free!

*Blue Flames Sporting Club is a not for profit organisation and all charges are to help us through the current crisis. We are currently running this event each week through the help of volunteers.




Book a Table:

If you’d rather book a table by making payment directly, please tally your payment and make it to:

Account Name: Blue Flames Sporting Club

Sort code: 60-83-01 Account number: 20166636 

Alternatively, please call 0191 270 0885 & pay via phone, Monday – Friday 9am to 8pm.


1. After sellers inform us that they have transferred the payment they can come and set up from 8.30am.

2. All goods to be carried into the hall from the car park via the roller doors only. Movement of goods into the hall and set up will be directed by staff who will take sellers to their allocated table top pitch.

3. Do not put anything dirty or oily on the Sports Hall surface – place such items on a table or lay them on a blanket, etc.

4. No money or goods are to be exchange between sellers before buyers are allowed into the hall.

5. Only one car per table top pitch allowed and only 2 adults per car.

6. All pitches are socially distanced and sellers must stick to their own pitch and maintain social distancing while setting up, during sales and when packing up.

7. Sales run from 10am to 12noon and sellers cannot leave earlier than 12pm – so please no packing up before that time. This is for health and safety; a) in terms of social distancing when packing up and leaving hall, and b) in respect car/van movements while visitors are still on site. If you need to be off before this could you inform us on booking so we can look at your pitch location and what safety exit measures may be needed.

8. Please note all rubbish must be taken home with you.

9. Finally, dress up warm – for safety reasons the hall will be well-ventilated and all outside doors will be kept open.Thank you so much for your support. Amy

 N.B. Social distancing measures are in place and both sellers and visitors are requested to wear face masks (unless exempt) and all are asked to please comply with all displayed guidelines and one-way direction arrows.

For safety, toilets are only one person at a time (aside from an adult accompanying a child).

Free visitor parking is available in the upper car park – this car park gets full at busy times and visitoors can also use the nursery car park opposite Blue Flames. If this remains full, please park responsibly and not on local estate roads.

Hot food, drinks and snacks are available.

Additional information

Your Stall

One Table – £10, Two Tables – £15, One Table plus table hire – £15, Two Tables plus table hire – £20


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