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Are you looking for a friendly gym – somewhere that’s sociable as well as somewhere to get fit? 

That’s exactly what is on offer at Blue Flames for only £15 per month

We cater for wide range of ages and genders who don’t all have beautiful bodies and bulging muscles. At our gym people chat and smile as well as getting fit and healthy. You will never feel embarrassed because you don’t have a trendy gym outfit. A recent questionnaire told us that more than 50% of our members classed themselves as ‘mature’!

There are the usual work stations, eg treadmills, bicycles, steppers, fixed and loose weights but sorry no TV – we prefer to communicate while training with perhaps some background music from the radio.

With so many gyms to choose from, Blue Flames pitches itself towards the less fit members of the community who want to make a start on a healthy life style without feeling inferior to the other members. 

Blue Flames is a not-for-profit organisation so we can keep prices as low as possible. Get in touch and find out about the various pricing options. We look forward to meeting you by enrolling in a friendly sociable non-competitive environment.  


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